Securing The Mobile Workforce In The Age Of BYOD

Securing The Mobile Workforce In The Age Of BYOD

Your house and office need keys. Your bankcard and mobile phone need PINs. Your computer and online accounts need passwords. When it comes to software, innate security features are crucial. Those safety features are designed to protect people, the companies that hire them and data entrusted to them. Yet in a time when convenience is king, safety can often slip by the wayside – especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Users behaving badly

Safety measures can only work when they’re implemented. Unfortunately, studies of human behavior show us people don’t always what’s best for them. Behaviors like leaving devices unlocked, downloading apps, browsing invalidated sites and opening unknown e-mail attachments puts users’ personal data at risk. If those same users use those same devices in workplace BYOD programs, that risk grows exponentially.

The best bet for users who are not apt to change their ways is security software. Mobile device security expert Tamara Law suggests software that scans emails, identifies suspicious links on social networking sites and scans apps before they are downloaded. “Over 50 percent of malware is mobile and one-third is aimed at collecting our information. It’s a good idea to take further action – because we’re not going to completely stop downloading e-mails or apps, and we’re always going to be surfing new websites.” Keep track of your online presence as well. “It’s also a good idea to be more cautious about what we post on social networking sites – all the information only helps attackers target us better.”

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